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Balance By Lisa

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls offer powerful vibrational sound healing and a very unique meditation experience.      

A crystal healing bowl session is a wonderful way to

Bring healing and balance to your body and life through raising your vibrational frequency

Clear the mind and energy field of lower vibrations increasing confidence, hope and joy.

Increase relaxation, peace and a calmness that will help you find your inner peace and knowing

Dissolve the root causes of unhappiness and clear that energy that keeps you from your highest potential and health

Connect with higher states of awareness and the peace that you are.

Science has proven that everything in the universe is made from energy vibrating at different frequencies. The organs, glands, and cells in the body all vibrate at certain frequencies as does the soul. These frequencies all correspond with the notes and vibration of the bowls. By aligning with the correct vibrational frequency one can heal and balance the body, mind and spirit. When there is not balance in vibration, illness, depression and anxiety can take root, singing bowl healing sessions help bring the body and energy field back into the proper frequency.

Click here for a sample of what the bowls sound like.